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Interactive Exhibition Alice Return to Wonderland in Changzhou, China

The multimedia digital exhibition, touring dates 06/2019 - 02/2020

Adress: Changzhou, China Dinosaur Park.

Alice interactive exhibition.Return to Wonderland was opened in 2019.

In Changzhou, China, started our top and improved interactive exhibit "Alice. Return to Wonderland." Our Alice is located in one of China's largest parks, China Dinosaur Park, which was opened in 2000. Today it is so popular that every year more than 3 million tourists come here to go for a ride and take selfies with huge dinosaurs, like in Jurassic Park.

Alice exhibition will be a star of the park, its magical mystery corner, an area of 800 square meters. In Alice all visitors will be able to play and have fun in each of the 9 interactive zones.

Tickets for the opening were sold out, and ads for "Alice. Return to Wonderland." at a local event agency garnered 10,000 views in the first three weeks. Key guests at the opening program were Chinese celebrities.

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