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Alice in Wonderland Shanghai, China

The multimedia exhibition, touring dates 06/2019-02/2020

The Alice project in Shanghai was one of the most memorable for our team!

Firstly, at the moment it is our biggest exposition - 2500 sq.m.

Secondly, we developed 3 brand new zones especially for this exposition:
🃏 Card Doors
🕹 Music machine
🙈 Jabberwocky hole

Developing each new zone was hard work for us, more than 20 specialists worked on this project from different departments. We even write our own unique musical compositions!

This year our new zones offer to save the photo via QR code, respond to the motion sensors, opening and closing doors, recognize guests' faces, create an illusion of a delightful flight into the unknown, imitate tea party at the Hatter's, and leave guests in a happy confusion and sheer delight! ⠀

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Alice Changzhou, China
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